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Heinrich Heine
House Of Sensibilities


Heinrich Heine
b.Dusseldorf,Germany 13 December 1797
d.Paris,France 17 February 1856 

Heine is a German romantic poet of Jewish descent. His poetry often contains agonizing outpourings of the pain of unrequited love. Their lyricism makes them a favourite with lieder composers such as Schubert, Schumann and Brahms.
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In the meantime here is a selection of Heine poems that Robert Schumann set to music in his lieder cycle, Dichterliebe (A Poet's Love)

When I gaze into your eyes

When I gaze into your eyes
all my pain and grief vanishes,
then when I kiss your mouth
I am made wholly and completely well.

When I lean on your bosom
joy as of heaven comes upon me;
but when you say "I love you,"
I must weep bitterly.


If only the flowers, little as they are

If only the flowers, little as they are, 
could know how deeply wounded is my heart,
they would weep with me
to heal my sorrow.

If only the nightingales knew
how sad and sick I am,
they would gladly pour out
their refreshing song.

If only they knew my woe,
those golden stars,
they would come down from aloft
and speak comfort to me.

They can none of them know,
one only knows my sorrow;
she herself has made the rent,
has rent my heart asunder.


All night in dreams I see you

All night in dreams I see you,
and see you greet me warmly,
and crying aloud I throw myself
at your sweet feet,

You look at me sadly
and shake your fair head
From your eyes there are stealing
teardrops like pearls.

Secretly you speak to me a hushed word,
and give me a branch of cypress.
I wake up, and the branch is gone
and I have forgotten the word.

(Translated by William Mann)




Created on 5/5/2002
Updated on 6/5/2002